Pi-Star setup reference

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Initial configuration steps

Power on hotspot into Auto AP mode, immediately configure the wireless network, including setting the country code, and then save, and without doing anything else, power off the hotspot.

Next configuration steps

Power on hotspot so that it connects to the configured wireless network, and then perform the following steps:

Setup reference 01
Setup reference 02
MMDVM Display Port for Nextion connected to radio/modem board: modem

Setup reference 03
Radio Frequency for simplex hotspot = 438.550.000
(for dedicated D-STAR simplex hotspot = 438.600.000)

Pi-Star General Configuration RX/TX Frequency options for Duplex hotspots
Radio Frequency for duplex hotspot = RX: 433.650.000 / TX: 438.650.000
(for the radio's codeplug = RX: 438.650.000 / TX: 433.650.000)

Setup reference 04
Setup reference 05
Setup reference 06
Setup reference 06

Expert Editor > ircDDBGateway:
Setup reference 11
Setup reference 12

Expert Editor > MMDVMHost:
Setup reference 07
Setup reference 08

Expert Editor > PiStar-Remote:
Setup reference 09

Expert Editor > WiFi:
Delete #PWD note.

Expert Editor > BM API:
Setup reference 10

Final configuration steps

Power off hotspot, and then power it back on using the new hostname. Connect to Pi-Star via SSH.

Change the date format

This changes the format of dates displayed on the Nextion from the Great Britain DD/MM/YYYY format to the U.S. MM/DD/YYYY format:

  1. Enable read-write mode:
  2. Open the locales configuration utility
    sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales
  3. De-select:
    and then select Ok.
  4. On the next page, select the default locale for the system environment:
    and then select Ok.
  5. When the process is complete, reboot Pi-Star:
    sudo reboot

Run a Pi-Star Update and, optionally, an Upgrade

Ensure the dashboard includes all the latest features and fixes:

Run an OS Update

The OS Update ensures that any missing or broken os files are installed or repaired, and any extraneous files are removed:

  1. Enable read-write mode:
  2. Run:
    sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade -y --fix-missing --fix-broken && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -y --fix-missing --fix-broken
  3. Re-enable read-only mode:

Fix entropy issue

[Only needed for release candidates prior to RC8; not needed for 4.1.0 full release or 3.4.17] This improves the ability of newer hotspots to connect to WiFi: