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Not sure when or even if I'll be back …

Anyone who has bumped into this site previously may have noticed that one thing I don't like is outdated information.

My life has gotten unexpectedly and intensely busy lately, and I don't know when things will calm down again. Unfortunately, that doesn't leave me much time to enjoy amateur radio or to research and learn new things. Rather than leave a bunch of aging pages sitting around, I'm boxing things up and packing them away.

For a short time, perhaps a month or two, I'll leave available some of the PDFs of pages that previously were on this site, but please understand that I'm not keeping them up to date.

  1. Playing with Pi-Star
  2. Visual overview of Pi-Star Auto AP
    Pi-Star Auto AP visual overview
  3. Updating hotspot firmware via Pi-Star
  4. Pi-Star troubleshooting
  5. Updating and upgrading Pi-Star
  6. Pi-Star notes
  7. Upgrading to Pi-Star V4
  8. Pi-Star cross modes
  9. BrandMeister dynamic, static, and auto-static talkgroups
  10. Hanging out with hotspots
  11. Diving into D-STAR
  12. Discovering DRM


Thanks to the many people who emailed over the past few years from states across the U.S. and countries around the world. It was nice connecting with you.

Toshen, KE0FHS

I wonder what's around the next bend ... by Toshen

I wonder what's around the next bend …