Overview of Pi-Star Auto AP boot-up steps for a new wireless network
This work by KE0FHSOpen in new tab is licensed under a CC BY SA 4.0 Int'l LicenseOpen in new tab
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Auto AP setup - Step 1: Computer WiFi is connected to your wireless network. Power on the Pi-Star hotspot to start the boot-up process. Auto AP setup - Step 2: After boot-up, Pi-Star begins looking for known wireless networks. Auto AP setup - Step 3: If no know network found within 2 minutes, Pi-Star Auto AP creates an access point: name = Pi-Star-Setup; password = raspberry (Auto AP require RPi 3B, Zero, or newer). Auto AP setup - Step 4: Connect computer WiFi to Pi-Star-Setup. In computer browser, go to Pi-Star (http://pi-star.local/ or http://pi-star/) > Configuration > Wireless Configuration, and add your wireless network. Auto AP setup - Step 5: Power off and then restart Pi-Star hotspot. While restarting, reconnect computer WiFi to wireless network. Auto AP setup - Step 6: After Pi-Star hotspot reboots, Auto AP will connect to now known wireless network. In computer browser, go to Pi-Star (http://pi-star.local/ or http://pi-star/).