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Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to write. It's always great to hear that people are finding the notes helpful. – Toshen

Really appreciate the information on your website, a big help.
– Jerry, W8JBK, Texas, Jun 2022

Thank you for your hard work.
– Joe, IW7DVM, Italy, Jun 2022

I wanted to say THANK YOU for your help.
– Gary, WA5QJH, Oregon/The Philippines, Jun 2022

Thank you so much for creating the most cut-to-chase digital radio information I have found in all of my searches. I am blown away that you have provided so much useful information in such a user-friendly, easily searchable format that is fun to read. And I really appreciate the "gotcha" avoidance tips.
– Van, KA6B, California, May 2022

I wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for the great website. Your hotspot write up is excellent and very informative. Keep up the good work!
– Will, KI5PFO, Texas, Apr 2022

Thank you very much for ALL the very intense work – and time – that you have put into your notes and information on PiStar and associated items.
It is greatly appreciated by this Radio Amateur.
– Richard, G8ITB, England, Mar 2022

I enjoyed reading your Ham radio notes, very informative.
– Charlie, W5CEH, Texas, Mar 2022

Thanks for all the work you have done on this! Your website is a gold mine!
– Jeff, W3GLE, Louisiana, Mar 2022

I loved your website. [It] is very accurate regarding hotspots.
– Marco, 2E0BJL, England, Feb 2022

THANK YOU for the documentation on setting up a Pi-Star hotspot! I struggled for several days to get my MMDVM Raspberry Pi Zero up and running without success until I saw your pdf doc with step by step instructions. In a couple hours I was on the air! – Tad, K3TD, North Carolina, Feb 2022

Thank you for taking the time to create your website. It has been extremely useful in helping me learn about D-STAR, hotspot utilization and the construction of a Lonestar-based RPi hotspot. I sincerely appreciate your time.
– Mark, KB0FSU, Tennessee, Jan 2022

Thank you for providing the Pi-Star resource on your site. It was invaluable in giving me direction on curing an ailing Pi-Star install that refused to play nice despite fiddling with about everything I could think of on Brandmeister, the config page, and doing a number of updates via the GUI.… Your guide was abundantly clear and soon an update from SSH and flashing the firmware on the hat did wonders.
– Anthony, K04GPM, North Carolina, Jan 2022

Bonjour, I have laid out your file in French for personal use which is highly detailed and interesting. Cordial 73's. Bonne Année.
– Jean Paul, F1RXP, France, Dec 2021

I wanted to let you know that you’ve helped a ham go digital. Thanks for your notes. Your photos of the two hotspots that combine your love of woodworking and digital are delightful.
– Larry, KO4UIG, Virginia, Nov 2021

I just spent a few hours using your site to explain to a new ham how to set up his pi-star … it's honestly the best put together site and walk through on any subject I've ever used.
– Nick, K4VFR, Canada, Oct 2021

Once more, thanks for your continuous efforts to keep up to date your website which I refer to be read by Pi-Star users looking for "deep helping."
– Rafa, EA3BIL, Spain, Oct 2021

This is an excellent article providing an overview of the history, usage, and potential areas as to where DStar is going. Recommend this be provided to new hams who express an interest in learning more about DStar.
– Marshall, KI4MWP, Virginia, Aug 2021

Great article.
– Rich, KA4GFY, Virginia, Aug 2021

This came across my desk this morning. I am sharing the link below because I think it has a brilliant and thoroughly researched presentation of DSTAR on the TH D-74, as well as presentations on other topics. It is also fun to read. Kudos to the author, KE0FHS. I hope members of the Alexandria Radio Club will enjoy it as much as I did.
– Don, KI4D, Virginia, Aug 2021

I am new to dmr and have been reading your notes and find them very helpful.
– Arnold, KD2NVM, Florida, Aug 2021

Thank you for the great info-script about using MMDVM-Pi-Star.
– Edgar, DD3XK, Germany, Jul 2021

First off let me say well done on such an informative and helpful page, there is a lot to digest but so far it's been one the most helpful sites in explaining DMR to a complete novice like myself.
– Garry, M7YAM, England, Jul 2021

Thanks for the website info.
– Clark, KF7LAN, Washington, Jul 2021

High Five - best write up out there.
– Rich, AE4OK, Virginia, Jun 2021

Thanks for putting this information on line for this old man to try and learn more about our hobby.
– Bob, WB6ODR, Arizona, Jun 2021

Thanks for creating the comprehensive notes on digital voice modes and pi-star. It has benefited me immensely for gaining knowledge on these topics and while troubleshooting.
– Bejoy, VU3BOJ, India, Jun 2021

Just wanted to thank you for the excellent website that you created….
– Michael, W7UFX, Montana, May 2021

Ran across your site regarding dmr hotspots, great info.
– Ron, KM6YRU, California, May 2021

That was exactly the recipe I was missing. Thanks Again.
– Doug, KF0EZB, Kansas, Apr 2021

Thanks for the guide on AR Notes.
– Ed, W8QH, Texas, Apr 2021

I just wanted to drop you a quick note and thank you for the info on… The other day I took a deep dive into DMR…. Your web site has helped me with some gaps in information and answered some questions on things I didn’t understand.
Ian, KB0HKY, Colorado, Apr 2021

I've had a LOT of support Emails lately on setting up Pi-Star. I always send them to your site. It is so well written it is the best bet for them to solve their problem themselves. Thanks for all of the effort you have put into this.
– David, N5BOC, Texas, Mar 2021

Thanks for the good DMR intro.
– Luke, KJ7BKH, Oregon, Mar 2021

I was able to get my Zumspot Nextion online with a minimum of trauma thanks to your info.
– Eric, AF7UE, Oregon, Mar 2020

First and foremost I thank you for your excellent tutorial on the pi-star - what a powerful device and your notes are a real help. Thank you!
– Mark, N08J, Ohio, Mar 2020

I just wanted to thank you for putting together your website. It's the best and most up to date information out there on digital radio and I've learned much from it. The site design is exquisite to boot.
– Alan, NK5P, Texas, Feb 2021

I just wanted to say thanks for all of the great information on your web site. It is all very awesome!
– Robert, KI0RDH, Colorado, Feb 2021

I really appreciate all the info on your site. I am reentering the hobby after about 20 years and very interested in digital. Your site has been invaluable.
– Jim, N2KWW, Ohio, Feb 2021

Thanks again for your very helpful web pages.
– Rick, WA6NDR, Washington, Feb 2021

I wanted to thank you for your guide.
– David, K7IOU, Michigan, Feb 2021

I just wanted to send you a note of thanks for your Ham Radio Notes – they've been a real help to me getting into D-Star! Your explanations are concise and practical and hugely useful.
– Dave, K1ESL, New Hampshire, Jan 2021

I have read a few of your writings and it's the best, most helpful and organized material I have read on Ham Radio.
– Kevin, KD6QFO, California, Jan 2021

Thanks for the DMR notes! I finally took the plunge into digital radio and I'm bewildered. Not so much after reading your 'notes'.
– Stu, W7IY, Virginia, Jan 2021

I've learned a lot from your Amateur Radio Notes and really appreciate you making them available.
– Jim, W4BQP, North Carolina, Dec 2020

Very well done.
– Doug, N6DJM, Washington, Dec 2020

Just a note to say thanks for your efforts.
– René, VE2RI, Quebec, Dec 2020

Just wanted to take a minute to say THANK YOU for your excellent "amateur radio notes" web site. I'm exploring DMR for the first time and the documentation you've shared has been extremely helpful.
– Clay, NC9J, Illinois, Nov 2020

I've been having a few issues with my setup recently and it occurred to me that I had never updated the firmware … so I got hold of your notes and the update went like a dream, so Thank You Sir.
– Bob, MM0MMQ, Scotland, Nov 2020

Your DMR notes have been very useful.
– Ron, AE5E, Minnesota, Nov 2020

Just wanted to say thank you for the excellent articles on dstar/dmr/hotspots. I have been all over the web reading many confusing articles and then found yours. Very informative, well thought out and gave adequate explanations for all topics throughout the article. Thanks for making sense out of these topics for me.
– Lou, KI5FTY, Texas, Nov 2020

Thanks for all your help and hard work putting together your very helpful website. Without it im sure id still be pulling out my hair and getting frustrated. I credit you for getting me on dmr and using pi-star. Thanks very much I really enjoy the many digital modes im discovering with pi-star with the help of your site.
– Rusty, KN6KXM, California, Nov 2020

Read your website - awesome!
– Sal, KC0RDJ, Colorado, Nov 2020

Thank you for all the info on your website. It has helped me immensely in setting up my pi-star under various modes.
– Nick, K4VFR, Canada, Oct 2020

I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for your "Amateur Radio Notes.… Your site was instrumental in helping me get my DMR bearings. So thank you for sharing all your hard work and well-written wisdom with us!
– Jeff, N0̸MII, Missouri, Sep 2020

I want to tell you how much I benefited from your work gathering Pi-Star and MMDVM information and then posting it on the Web. I visited your site many times and made many discoveries there.… Your web site, Amateur Radio Notes is great
– Arnold, KC4ZUA, Georgia, Aug 2020

I have enjoyed reading your article on hotspots for amateur radio.
– Mikel Kline, K0MWK, Florida, Aug 2020

Thank you for creating your website with instructions on how to setup a Pi-Star using a mmdvm hat. Last night I spent several hours trying to figure out my new hotspot using various online written guides, as well as videos. I struggled and the more I clicked around online, the more confused I got. Then I found your website. The detail in which you walk through the configuration, and all of the options (including up to date options), was exactly what I needed. I went through your guide, and had my hotspot online and operating as intended. I have been on DMR all day today, which has brought me joy. So thank you for taking the time to create your website, and these instructions. Please keep up the good work!
– Matthew, KO4DJG, Florida, Jul 2020

I wish to say Thank You for your dedication to the documenting various notes, guidance and advice on Hot spots, particularly the Raspberry Pi based units.
– Ben, VK5BB, Australia, Jul 2020

Thanks for leaving the PDFs for those like me who enjoy the way you write and approach technical matters.
– Carlos, PY1EGG, Brazil, Jul 2020

Many thanks for producing Amateur Radio Notes. Since getting on D-Star last year and more recently DMR, your Pi-Star notes have been a life saver.
– Graham, M0GWC, England, Jul 2020

Just wanted to say thank you for the work you did to write up and share everything on
– Colin, KX4YJ, Tennessee, Jul 2020

Thanks for all of your work on the pi-star and hotspot tutorials!
– Philip, W4FLP, Georgia, Jun 2020

Thanks a lot for your page.
– Dani, EB1JAJ, Asturias, Jun 2020

Thanks for the amazing resources at your ham radio notes site. Awesome.
– Matt, KI5JHK, Louisiana, Jun 2020

Mate, I couldn't be any more impressed with the 'round up of Hotspots' section of your website if I tried! Been thinking of taking the plunge for a while now—and without question, you seem to have pulled off the impossible—a complete one-stop-location online, which totally rounds up a summary of all hats, hardware and firmware in one spot. Top marks—and nothing but the highest order of respect—concerning your obvious unwavering commitment when laying out the breadth of your endeavours, with regards to this specific element of Amateur Radio.
– Justin-Ley and Stephanie, VK3JUZ and VK3WET, Australia, May 2020

Thanks so much for a great website. It's really remarkable!!
– Charles, W4BPP, Florida, May 2020

I just wanted to say how helpful your site has been. Somewhat recently, I picked up a modem board for my Raspberry Pi and built a hotspot running Pi-Star. I had hit a few roadblocks with the configuration, and I found your site had (by far) the most accurate and complete information for the various configuration options.… Thank you so much for putting this all together and making it accessible for as many as possible. This truly reflects the spirit of ham radio.
– Mike, KC3PEX, Pennsylvania, May 2020

I have just read and appreciate your Discovering DMR article.
– Wes, N5RWL, Texas, May 2020

I have found your articles on DMR and especially Pi-Star to be very informative.
– John, WA2AAQ, Florida, May 2020

Thanks for all the great hotspot info.
– Jeff, KA9YKA, Indiana, May 2020

Thanks for the amazing web site tutorial on Pi-Star. I have been winging it for years. Pi-Star is simple to get running and works well but getting in depth knowledge on all the options on all the screens … well that is a different story. I wish I had found your web site earlier. It is absolutely worthy of being an ebook and offered on Amazon.
– Ken, AA7JC, Arizona, May 2020

Thanks for taking the time to write your articles, I know it takes a lot of time and they have helped me a lot.
– Mike, AL7AK, Wisconsin, May 2020

Appreciate your info at on updating firmware for the MMDVM hotspot via Pi-Star.… Thank you very much for all you efforts and documentation.
– Emory, WM3M, Maryland, May 2020

Thanks for all the great information on hotspots you've shared online … wow!
– John, KN6LT, California, Apr 2020

Thanks for the great guide.
– Mike, WG5EEK, California, Apr 2020

Thank you for a great website, it's full of very useful info!
– Sasha, ZL1JX, New Zealand, Apr 2020

One of the best sites for information on D-Star and the associated hardware and infrastructure is by Toshen KE0FHS, thank you Toshen for your time and efforts in putting all this information together.
– Ben, VK5BB, Australia, Apr 2020

I just wanted to say thanks for the hours of work that you’ve put it, it’s really helped me. The information is written in a way that says—hey—here’s what all this is and what it all means, which is exactly what I needed.
– Troy, K0LEA, Colorado, Apr 2020

Thank you VERY MUCH for your website on ham radio and DMR in particular.
– Joseph, N1BIM, Maine, Apr 2020

I just came across your excellent page about ham radio hotspots and really like it.
– Stefan, DK7STJ, Germany, Apr 2020

I can't begin to tell you how valuable this information has been. Thanks to your excellent "how to" explanations and tips, I am now up and running.
– Alan, W4AJM, Atlanta, Mar 2020

BTW … your website is awesome. Very detailed! Thanks a bunch.
– Greg, VA3CBN, Canada, Mar 2020

Thanks again for such great articles!
– Jon, KB1TTV, Connecticut, Mar 2020

Great report on hotspots.
– Bruce, WA2SSF, New York, Feb 2020

Well written, informative article. Thanks
– Bill, WB7UMM, Oregon, Jan 2020

Wonderful site. Pictures! Digital voice info!
– John, K6dBi, California, Jan 2020

I just wanted to drop a line and thank you for… Your website is an excellent (and ever expanding) source of information.… I truly appreciate your time, research & sharing.
– Jeff, N4CLR, Kentucky, Jan 2020

[Y]ou have a great site. Thanks for putting it out there.
– Rich, K0EB, Colorado, Dec 2019

I want to thank you for dedicating such time and effort and producing a well-written composition/article. I have used your tech notes as reference quiet a few times and I have a printed copy that I keep on my desk as a primary reference material.
– Will, K6WST, California, Dec 2019

I wanted to reach out and say thank you for your site. I have used it many times while I was getting my feet wet with digital voice….
– Ben, N5AMD, Texas, Dec 2019

Hi Toshen. Was talking recently to my HAM friends from Belarus. They mentioned to me your site as a good source of useful information. They were surprised that I know you. Asked to pass Thank you to you for the Awesome source of information. Well structured and gathered in one place.
– Vladimir, AC2F, New Jersey, Nov 2019

[T]hanks a lot for your great PI-STAR Document. It helped me a lot.
– Jürgen, DL6SFB, Germany, Nov 2019

[T]he information you post is excellent! I've learned a lot….
– Eli, KN4QZM, Florida, Nov 2019 - Should rename to Thank you for your website and your great notes on Pi-Star and D-Star.
– Bryan, W8NRD, Michigan, Nov 2019

Thanks for all the info, and for Amateur Radio Notes—I check it frequently for updates.
– Mike, KB6VN, California, Nov 2019

I just wanted to give my word of appreciation for all of the information that you have on your website. Your frequent and timely updates have helped me out tremendously—recently and in the past.
– Brian, N9LOO, Wisconsin, Oct 2019

Your work is an invaluable aid…. Keep up the good work.
– Dave, G7HJX, England, Oct 2019

I received my STM-32DV in the mail yesterday. As a total noob to the digital world I am lost. While looking for information on all the terminology in the setup pages I discovered there is no written manual on the Pi page. While looking for help I found your writeup. Although I haven't had the time to go thru all of it it appears to be what I was looking for. A basic setup guide for noobs. Thanks.
– Clif, KA5IPF, Texas, Oct 2019

Thanks again for the great resource you maintain.
– Dave, N6XVZ, Texas, Sep 2019

I am writing after having read several of your articles/pages from the website. You have become my "goto" site for questions regarding the ZUMspot, Pi-Star and digital communications via hotspots. I absolutely love the way you explain things.
– John, KD9IBT, Wisconsin, Sep 2019

I love your page on Hotspots and it has been a big help….
– Craig, WJ6A, Alabama, Sep 2019

I just wanted to thank you for all the work you have put into your Amateur Radio Notes web site. I especially have enjoyed reading through all of your notes on DMR.
– Mike, KD6FTR, California, Aug 2019

Thank you for your help and for your great Website.
– Rich, AA2UP, New Mexico, Jul 2019

Thanks again for your superb website! Appreciate your effort, knowledge and contribution to the Hobby!
– Jason, KW5USA, Colorado, Jul 2019

I’d like to thank you for creating such a useful tool for Amateur Radio. I often point people to your page so they can use the valuable info you’ve created.
– Greg, K2COP, New York, Jul 2019

Thank you very much for all the information. Based on your guides I was able to figure it out!
– Filipe, KN6CXC, California, Jul 2019

Just found your site regarding the Kenwood TH-D74A and it is quite good.
– Ken, VA3KEX, Canada, Jun 2019

Found this very helpful and informative! Thanks for the effort in putting this together.
– Tim, N1TI, Massachusetts, Jun 2019

Your website has been helpful in learning about MMDVM hotspots.
– Mike, AE4G, Alabama, May 2019

Everything now works just as it should. I could never have done this without your troubleshooting tutorials. Thank you very much.
– Tom, N0HWY, Minnesota, May 2019

Thank you for your site, it is very informative.
– Sergey, UA3ARF, Russia, May 2019

I just want to thank you for your help.
– Eli, 4x4fd, Israel, May 2019

THANKS for … All the info you provided made my start in DMR and Pi-Star so much easier! I appreciate the time you put behind this.
– Milan, W0MIL, Colorado, Apr 2019

Love your site
– Jeff, KB5WCK, Texas, Apr 2019

Hey, really great notes, very helpful. I'm a geek and pretty good at these things… but your well organized help made it easy to find a bunch of answers in one place. Thanks!
– Carl, K6XRA, California, Mar 2019

Recently I was told there is a very nice article, Playing with Pi-Star, on your website, so I visited your website and read it. I found it's very detailed and explained almost everything about Pi-Star. It's a very useful document for Pi-Star users.… Thank you for your making this good article.
– Niu Yong, BH3DHE, China, Mar 2019

I just heard you on 31088. Not only that, but I was reading your website at lunch today ( - what a wealth of information, thank you!
– Tom, W4ADR, Georgia, Mar 2019

I just want to let you know how useful your Discovering DMR overview was in helping me understand DMR!
– John, KI5DEF, Louisiana, Mar 2019

Read your HamNotes and want to thank you for so much great info.
– Steve, N8LWX, Minnesota, Feb 2019

I found your website on google and I am a beginner DSTAR, DMR. I read your articles and I think it's help me to have knowledge about DSTAR, DMR and setup my Hotspot or assembly a new Hotspot and my friends. Thank you very much for best website and articles.
– Phanuwat (Nook), HS8LVC, Thailand, Feb 2019

Just finished your hotspot notes. Nice work, very clear and informative.
– Mark, KC3MLA, Pennsylvania, Feb 2019

I discovered your article(s) on-line and found them to be very interesting. I downloaded several sections that I was interested in and printed out so I could read at my leisure. I wanted to thank you for sharing all this information with myself and other Hams. You are to be congratulated on writing such a comprehensive outline of all the different aspects of Ham radio. Well done and kudos to you and hope you have a long and enjoyable time with our Ham radio hobby.
– Vic, W5LRU, Texas, Feb 2019

Thanks for this page. WELL DONE! Very helpful and laid out nicely. Got my ZUMspot working today with this info.
– Brady, K0UC, Arizona, Feb 2019

Your amateur radio notes, especially about Pi-Star and about troubleshooting and flashing the CORRECT firmware helped me a lot.
– Dr. Alex, DH2ID, Germany, Feb 2019

Thanks for this page. WELL DONE! Very helpful and laid out nicely. Got my ZUMspot working today with this info.
– Tim, N3NCG, Pennsylvania, Jan 2019

Just wanted to send you a quick thank you for publishing your article, Playing with Pi-Star.… Thank you again, great article!
– Larry, WB0ECV, Colorado, Jan 2019

I bumped in to your Amateur Radio Notes and found out to be very informative and helpful to others including myself. Your notes is a one stop shop, I just want to say thank you and we appreciated what you do.
– Eric, KF6ITC, California, Nov 2018

Thank you very much for your effort.
– Armin, DF1AM, Germany, Nov 2018

First, thanks for the work you put into Amateur Radio Notes. It has been very helpful in filling in some holes in my knowledge about D-Star.
– Tim, KG4BXH, Georgia, Nov 2018

Thanks for all the great documentation you have posted concerning the ZUMspot.
– Rick, WA0UAY, Iowa, Oct 2018

Your info on setting up PiStar is just plain perfect! It helped this old ham get it going seamlessly.
– Chuck, N1LMA, Rhode Island, Oct 2018

I just looked at your web page and it is great! More than just the content, the writing is very clear and the images are very informative. Thanks for all it took to produce that.
– Joe, KC0JCC, Colorado, Oct 2018

I just finished reading your excellent articles on HotSpots and Pi-Star in your Amateur Radio Notes! Thank you for writing this! The articles were very informative and clearly written and helped me along the road to discovery.… Keep up the good work … I have bookmarked your website!
– Gaff, W4GYP, North Carolina, Sep 2018

First I would like to thank you for your site, it's a great resource of information!
– Miguel, CT2HRB, Portugal, Aug 2018

I have been enjoying your work on MMDVM and Pi-Star information. Keep up the awesome work you are doing as I and others do find it very informative.
– Hayden, ZL2WD, New Zealand, Aug 2018

I appreciate your information regarding Pi-Star.… Thanks!
– Forrest, N0CDE, Iowa, Aug 2018

Today, I accidentally stumbled over your pages! Very very good indeed.
– Manos, SV1DAY, Greece, Aug 2018

I didn't realize you were the author of the Contentment by Design blog…. Your blog was a huge help to me when I first started in the world of Pi-Star and DMR. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into it.
– Michael, KH6HZ, Massachusetts, Jul 2018

I found your Pi-Star instructions on your website. They are very good. I'd glad to see you've included "wait times" as well as AP mode info. I haven't seen any other instructions doing that.
– Jim, KI6ZUM, California, Jul 2018

I just wanted to thank you for all your work on the DMR & Pi-Star pages you have. They are fantastic.… Your common sense writing style and quite accurate information with good resources has been very helpful and I just wanted to let you know I appreciated it.
– Dan Reynolds, KB9JLO, Illinois, Jul 2018

I stumbled across your dstar notes and have found them invaluable! Thank you!!!
– Scott, KA7GXP, Minnesota, Jul 2018

Good afternoon! I recently discovered your blog while looking for any others who have installed a mobile radio in their 2014-2018 Subaru Forester. I am looking to do the same, and want to thank you for all the helpful tips and pictures you posted of your process.
– Mike, KC2YSR, New York, Jun 2018

I wanted to let you know that I recently found your web site while searching for DMR info. Your site by far has been a Godsend for me. You have done a great job articulating everything and making sense out of a subject that is not always easy to wrap your head around. Just wanted to say thanks!
– Michael Murphy, KI8R, Ohio, Jun 2018

First off, thanks for the Pi-Star guide, very, very helpful.
– Duane, N6DMR, Pennsylvania, Jun 2018

Your page helped me a great deal with getting a MMDVM_HS_Hat and TH-D74A working flawlessly. I just wanted to say thanks for posting about it.
– Dennis, AD6DM, California, Jun 2018

I just wanted to thank you for the excellent article you wrote on playing with the Pi-Star. In my search of the Internet looking for help it was your article that helped the most. It was written very well and I liked the step by step process that you went through. It was the guideline I used. Thanks for sharing with the community.
– Don, K2DV, New York, May 2018

Good Morning, Just a quick note to say thanks for the informative and useful information on your website. BTW, your website is first-class. I own a professional web design company and your website is very well done.… Thanks again for the great information wrapped in a great website!
– Gary, AK4ZX, Tennessee, May 2018

Great job with the Pi-Star notes. Ran into the page and it’s the first I’ve seen that really breaks down the gateway configuration to something that makes sense. Much appreciated!
– Michael, K5MRE, Texas, May 2018

I'm enjoying the content on your blog. Very good stuff!
– Bud, W0RMT, Colorado, May 2018

Many thanks for your documentation very very useful!
– Joseph, F1PFC, France, May 2018

Thank you for your interesting articles on digital radio.… I will keep your website in my favorites and continue to reread it.
– Jim, WA4RX, Virginia, May 2018

Let me say it simply: CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Your Pi-Star webpage is GREAT.
– Rafa, EA3BIL, Spain, May 2018

Just read your brilliant write up on Pi-Star.… Many thanks.
– Mike, G0MJT, England, May 2018

Superb Hotspot and Pi-Star info on your website! Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
– Jason, KW5USA, Colorado, Apr 2018

Just a short message but with a huge THANK YOU for all your work keeping your "Playing with Pi-Star" up-to-date. I’ve learned a lot and keep learning thanks to this document. Think the whole Pi-Star user community has a great benefit of your work.
– Rob, PD0DIB, The Netherlands, Apr 2018

Just wanted to say thanks for your great Pi-Star article.
– Stephen, W0TTY, Washington, Apr 2018

Love your Pi-Star pages, THE most informative site for information out there.
– Dave, G7HJX, England, Apr 2018

Many thanks for your wonderful … articles.
– George, VE7WQ, Canada, Mar 2018

Having just changed over my DVMega/Pi-3 combination … to Pi-Star, may I thank you for the excellent guide you've written on setting up and using Pi-Star.
– Eric, G6FGY, England, Mar 2018

I’ve been reading your writings about DMR on your website. Great stuff.
– Rick, WA3UOO, Ohio, Mar 2018

I stumbled onto your website and looked at the DMR and hotspot sections. Really nice overview.
– Dave, KC6N, California, Mar 2018

Thank you for you fine documentation. I think you have covered every topic I am aware of including the call sign routing on irc ddb network.… Again, thanks for the work and for sharing.
– Carty, KA2Y, New York, Mar 2018

Love the blog.
– Corigan, W8EDC, Michigan, Feb 2018

I came across your website today and was very pleased to see so much accurate info about Pi-Star, the Zumpsot and others. You've done a beautiful job with your web site.
– Ron, VE1AIC, Canada, Feb 2018

I came across your website while doing some research into what new hams are saying about D-STAR. I can honestly say, I enjoyed your writings on the subject and how you made sense of the chaos of the "Alphabet Soupese" many just blurt out while talking about D-STAR. I can say I am a fan!
– Ray, N9JA, Washington, Feb 2018

I just wanted to take a minute to personally thank you for your website and all the work you have put into it. I started out trying to learn D-Star, and in past few months have gotten into DMR. With the help of a couple of local Ham's I got a code plug for my GD-77 and started making QSO's. After spending time on you excellent website I know just enough to become dangerous. With in the last two weeks I purchased a ZUMspot Pi and have a hotspot. It took me till last night with your website's help to get it up and running on DMR. Needless to say I was pumped. Now with your website's help I am now going to tackle D-Star. Again I want to Thank You for your Time, Effort, and sharing your knowledge.
– Ralph, KB1YQT, New Hampshire, Feb 2018

Thanks to your work, I managed to understand many things on the digital modes! Your web site is the real gold mine.
– Joseph, F1PFC, France, Dec 2017

I just read your article on 'Diving into D-Star' and it was a really good reading. It is the first time since I am "diving" into d-star that I managed to put some order in my thoughts regarding how everything connects and works together. It also helped me to sort out some issues I have been encountering in my own setups since quite a while. Just wanted to say thank you….
– Janos, YO6GZI, Romania, Oct 2017

Thank you for documenting your D-Star experiences. It is wonderful tutorial that has helped me get started with D-Star!
– Gary, W7GMM, Nevada, Aug 2017